Summary of performance management framework

The performance management framework for executives within the Victorian Public Service (VPS) outlines six foundation principles to drive high performance, support career development and help foster a positive workplace culture.

The six principles are:

  • clear performance expectations – strategic alignment to outcomes through specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART) goals;
  • focus on outcomes – achieving organisational and government priorities;
  • focus on leadership behaviours – effective leadership behaviours, underpinned by the VPS Leadership Capability Framework;
  • promote and apply public sector values – demonstrating commitment;
  • evidence based decision making – reward, recognition and re-appointment are driven by data; and
  • equity through consistency – performance goals informed by work level standards and measured by a common rating scale.

Key elements

Through a principles based approach, the framework encourages consistent executive performance management across organisations, where executive performance outcomes and expectations align with Government priorities, public sector values and leadership capabilities. The framework is intended to contribute to building public trust through the setting of clear performance expectations.

As the framework is designed as a principles based approach, organisations would be able to adapt its elements to their specific operational context. It is an expectation that all executives would have a performance plan, however a mandated approach is not proposed.

The framework is supported by a number of resources that are designed to be a guide to organisations in applying the performance principles.

Implementation and application

The performance management framework will be implemented at the commencement of an organisation’s next performance cycle (i.e. 2020 for calendar year or 2019-20 for financial year cycle).


The Commissioner, Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) will continue to monitor and report to Victorian Secretaries Board on the application of this framework.

Advice and assistance

A dedicated resource at the VPSC will be available for ongoing support on the Executive Performance Management Framework.