4.1 Public service entities

Public sector body Head

The public sector body Head will have the authority to endorse final performance outcomes and collect internal performance outcomes to undertake strategic workforce planning and support executive performance development and leadership.

Human Resources

Human resources promote and manage the performance process within their organisation, while maintaining records of performance plan progress and completion. As required, human resources will provide guidance and support and participate in discussions about collated performance results.

Human resources have the ability to train managers on the performance management process, share new information as it becomes available and contribute to strategic organisational initiatives. With such involvement, the human resources function is able to play a pivotal role in workplace culture, capability development and workforce planning.

4.2 Victorian Public Sector Commission

The VPSC will maintain relevancy of this performance management framework, guiding tools and resources.

The VPSC will meet with VPS Secretaries to discuss the key outcomes and themes from the application of the performance management framework. The VPSC will report to the Victorian Secretaries Board at the conclusion of the performance cycle.

The VPSC is committed to executive leadership development and equipping executives with the skills they need to lead effectively in a complex and changeable environment.

The importance of performance management will be supported in the VPS executive induction program (currently being developed) and reinforced through relevant sessions included within the executive leadership and development calendar of events.

4.3  Application of framework to broader public sector

The recent Industry Sector Reviews (ISRs) found that public entities would benefit from clear central policy direction as to the minimum standards for good practice in performance management.

Due to the sequencing of projects, the ISRs did not extensively test the suitability of the VPS performance management framework for adoption in public entities. However this resource suite is available on the VPSC website, and public sector entities are encouraged to consider how the best practice principles and processes can be adopted and incorporated into their systems.