Agency Head

Chief Executive or Secretary of a department or agency in the public service.

Complying Superannuation Fund

A fund that meets certain regulatory requirements. Refer to the APRA superannuation fund website for a list of complying superannuation funds.

Declared Authority

Defined under Part 7, Section 104 of the PAA. For a current list, see Machinery of Government.


An executive is defined under Part 3, Division 5, section 23 of the PAA as a person who:

  • is employed as an executive under this part of the Act;
  • holds a statutory office which is a declared authority; or
  • holds a prerogative office which is a declared authority and the Governor in Council, by Order published in the Government Gazette, has declared that employment to be employment as an executive.


An employer of an executive is defined under Part 3, Division 5, section 24 of the PAA.

Employment contract

An employment contract for an executive is a written standard employment contract.

Expenses (work related)

Expenses unavoidably incurred from time to time in the course of authorised duties.

Government Gazette

The Victoria Government Gazette provides official notification of decisions or actions taken by, or information from, the Governor of Victoria, Government Authorities, Government Departments, Local Councils, companies and individuals.

Government Business Enterprise (GBE)

Defined as follows:

  • its principal function is to engage in commercial activities in the private sector
  • it is controlled by government
  • it has an independent legal existence from government and the executive.

Maximum Contribution Base

This is a quarterly notion of salary for purposes of the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) legislation. An employer only needs to pay SG contributions on salary up to this amount each quarter. For the 2018/2019 year, the maximum contribution base per quarter is $54,030. Refer to the ATO website for the current maximum super contribution base.

Personal information

The Executive agrees that the Employer and the Department/Agency will collect information, including personal information, regarding the Executive and the Executive’s employment and may disclose that information to other Victorian public sector entities for reasons relating to the Executive’s employment, to third parties in the delivery of employment services to the Executive and/or where the disclosure of that information is otherwise permitted (including where authorised or required by law).

Prerogative Office

An office under the Crown (other than a statutory office) to which the Governor in Council makes appointments (refer Section 104 of the PAA).

Professional Association

An organisation which has the sole purpose of enhancing the interests of the members of a particular profession, trade or occupation.

Public Entities

Defined under Part 1, Section 5 of the PAA

Special Bodies

Defined under Part 1, Section 6 of the PAA (e.g. Victorian Auditor-General’s Office, Victoria Police). For a current list, see Machinery of Government.

Statutory Authority

An office established by or under an Act where either the Governor in Council or a Minister makes appointments. e.g. Ombudsman.

Total Remuneration Package (TRP)

The basis of remunerating executives in the public sector and includes base salary, employer’s superannuation contribution, other employment benefits and any applicable fringe benefits tax.