Stage 1: gather corporate documents

Half a day

Understand the position’s roles within the organisation.

For example:

  • annual report
  • committee memberships
  • position description
  • strategic plan

Stage 2: conduct interview

1 to 1.5 hours

Validate information from stage 1 and probe as required:

  • incumbent
  • previous position holder
  • validation interview with supervisor as necessary

Stage 3: score the position

Half a day

  • make a classification recommendation of where the position sites in the 3-band Public Entity Senior Executive Service (PESES) structure
  • assess the 8 competency and accountability criteria using the scoring template
  • validate against applicable work streams

Stage 4: produce findings report

About 6 hours for 3 to 8 positions

  • produce a findings report for the entity head
  • moderation of all assessment outcomes to produce a high-level overview and make recommendations

Stage 5: implementation decision

Alignment of outcomes

Entity head:

  • decides how and when to align outcomes
  • consider next steps including time of any classification amendments and potential impact on remuneration and executive structure