An updated Accessibility action plan is under development for 2023 and beyond. Until then, this plan applies.

About the plan

These four focus area reflect the size, structure and resources of VPSC. A fifth area is good governance and communication of the progress of our Plan.

We aim to be trusted public sector Commission that achieves excellence and reflects the Victorian community. We aim to foster a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity for our people.

Five focus areas for action are:

  1. Workplace accessibility
    Inclusive practices for employment of people with disability will create a safe and accessible working culture.
  2. Communications and engagement
    Equitable access to information, knowledge and opportunity establishes a platform for positive interactions for people with disability.
  3. Accessible processes and systems
    Policies, frameworks and systems that include accessibility criteria will enable inclusive and equal participation for people with disability.
  4. Access to facilities
    Following Universal Design Principles and building beyond compliance delivers equitable and dignified access to our premises.
  5. Reporting, governance and continuous improvement
    Strong monitoring and review mechanisms ensures that VPSC remains accountable and focused on improving outcomes for people with disability.