Measuring progress

The Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector states:

Equality will be achieved when women, men and gender diverse people can access and enjoy equal resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Our obligations

As a defined entity under the Gender Equality Act 2020, the Victorian Public Sector Commission must complete 5 key tasks to meet our obligations under the Act.

Key task Completed (yes/no) Notes
Promote gender equality Yes Consider, promote and take positive action towards achieving gender equality.
Conduct gender impact assessments No, apply to GRADS and Careers Vic in future Include in normal process for developing policies, programs and services that have direct and significant impact on the public.
Undertake a workplace gender audit Yes, submitted
1 December 2021
Undertake the audit every 4 years, in the same year the GEAP is written.
Create a Gender Equality Action Plan

Yes, due 31 March 2022

Next due 31 October 2025

Develop and submit a GEAP every 4 years.
Report on progress Due 31 October 2023 Submit progress report to Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner every 2 years. Organisations are held to account for making reasonable and material progress.


External cycles

  • Gender Equality Action Plan must be revised and submitted to the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector every 4 years.
  • Progress report must be submitted to the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector every 2 years. The first is due in 2023.

Internal cycles

  • Governance and Corporate provides a progress update on the Gender Equality Action Plan to the Executive Management Group twice annually.
  • Gender Equality Action Plan dashboard check and strategic discussion are an agenda item at EMG quarterly.
  • Additional GEAP items and discussions are scheduled by responsible branch as necessary.
  • Governance and Corporate analyses workforce data and People Matter Survey results from a gender equality perspective annually.

Other responsibilities

  • Governance and Corporate is responsible for fulfilling reporting obligations and leading engagement with stakeholders, including the Gender Equality Commission and Community and Public Sector Union.
  • Commissioner and Commissioner’s Office maintains gender equality advocacy commitments.
  • Governance and Corporate maintains an achievement register to support reporting obligations.