Message from the Commissioner

I’m pleased to present the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Annual Report 2020-21, the first under our strategic plan 2020-23.

To achieve our vision, a trusted public sector that delivers exceptional outcomes for the Victorian community, we are focusing on 4 strategic priorities.

The priorities are:

  • promoting workforce reform
  • supporting a positive employee experience
  • developing outstanding leadership
  • promoting public trust.

This report explains our work in relation to the priorities. It also summarises our performance in terms of service effectiveness and efficiency.

The public sector workforce has adapted quickly to maintain continuity of community services during COVID-19.

The Commission supported at key points:

  • We led the employee mobility response to COVID-19, establishing relief pools on the Jobs and Skills Exchange to meet surge demand for executive and administration roles.
  • We published a guide to maintaining integrity when working remotely, including tips on conduct and information security to reduce integrity risk.
  • We conducted an employee wellbeing check survey and developed a 12-module wellbeing toolkit. The toolkit helps managers and their teams alleviate stress and promote respect.
  • We revised the flexible work policy for the Victorian Public Service. Flexible work supports gender equity, diversity, productivity and work life balance.

In addition, the Commissioner accepted a recommendation from the COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry to give guidance across the public service about the lines of accountability and responsibility between Ministers and Secretaries.

The guidance will provide advice about Secretaries’ obligations and responsibilities when informing and advising Ministers.

Our work supports an inclusive, high-performing and engaged workforce that is trusted by the community to act with professionalism and integrity.

Adam Fennessy PSM
Victorian Public Sector Commission