With pride and excitement, I share the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s first Gender Equality Action Plan. It was written by our people, for our people and represents our organisation’s contribution to statewide equality, in workplaces and the community.

The Commission is a defined entity under the Gender Equality Act 2020. Our efforts combine with those of universities and local councils to support one goal – equality.

Equality will be achieved when women, men and gender diverse people can access and enjoy equal resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Our vision for gender equality here at the Commission connects what we give with what we get.

A gender diverse workplace where we value respect, give support and pay equal, so all succeed.

We aim to achieve it within 2 years by prioritising:

  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • career support
  • equal pay for equal work

Up to 21% of our colleagues could be experiencing the effects of intersectional gender inequality and 2% of us self-describe our gender. As we write this plan, the overall pay gap in our organisation is 11.6%.

The 30 strategies in our Gender Equality Action Plan will improve the employee experience every year, and eliminate the gender pay gap by 2023.

Adam Fennessy PSM
Victorian Public Sector Commission