The Act requires the VPSC to make the Register of instruments accessible to the public at all times without charge. It must be kept in electronic form, and be available online.

Orders reflecting machinery of government changes, following the change of government, will be published on this register once they have been made.

Codes of conduct

The Public Administration Act 2004 defines the values and employment principles that must underpin the operations and culture of the Victorian public sector.

These values have been developed by the VPSC into three binding codes of conduct to reinforce the public sector values for different categories of public official.

Public sector standards

VPSC has issued binding standards based on the Employment Principles:

  • Fair and Reasonable Treatment
  • Merit in Employment
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Human Rights
  • Reasonable Avenue of redress
  • Career Public Service


The Governor in Council may make orders in relation to the following sections of the Public Administration Act:

  • Section 2 – Relating to when parts of the Act come into Operation
  • Section 5 – Application of Public Entities definition
  • Section 6 – Special Bodies
  • Section 10 – Departments
  • Section 11 – Administrative Offices
  • Section 16 – Persons with functions of public service body Head
  • Section 23 – Executive Employment
  • Section 25A – Remuneration of executives
  • Section 75 – Orders relating to the operation of Public Entities
  • Section 81 – Provision of duties of a Public Entity (exceptions for Advisory Entities)
  • Section 92 – Power to make Public Entities subject to specified whole of government policies
  • Section 96 – Documents required to be kept by Small Entities – exemptions
  • Section 104 – Declared Authorities

A number of orders have been issued by the Governor in Council since the introduction of the Public Administration Act 2004.


The Public Administration (Review of Actions) Regulations 2015 have been issued.

Further Information about Governance and the Structure of the Victorian Public Sector

Certain sections of the Public Administration Act, combined with Governor in Council Orders, affect the governance and structure of the Victorian public sector.

The typical forms or organisation in the Victorian public sector are public service bodies (DepartmentsAdministrative Offices and the VPSC) and public entities.

In addition, the Public Administration Act 2004 creates a new classification of public sector organisation – special bodies, and provides for some public entities to be declared authorities.