The Victorian Public Sector Commission  has issued 3 binding Codes of Conduct:

The Codes reinforce the Victorian public sector values by describing expected standards of behavior. The behaviours are important to the relationship with Government, the community and colleagues.

The Codes may be supplemented with policies and procedures within individual public sector organisations.

Employees and Directors must understand the requirements of the Code and use it to guide their decisions. If unsure of what to do in a particular situation, employees should consult their manager. Directors should consult the Chair of the Board.

A contravention of the Code may constitute misconduct.

Role of VPSC

VPSC and employers both have a role in promoting the binding Codes of Conduct. One of the ways VPSC does this is by issuing policy frameworks, guidelines and development tools.

This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees

This Code sets the standards of behaviour for all Victorian public sector employees, apart from those employed in special bodies.

View Online Download PDF 0.25MB 42 pages

Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees of Special Bodies

This Code sets the standards of behaviour for all Victorian public sector employees employed in special bodies. Those employed in special bodies such as the Office of the Ombudsman have greater independence from Government and are therefore not required to advise Government or deliver Government policies or programs

View Online Download PDF 0.48MB 44 pages

A Guide for Public Sector Employers Supporting the Code of Conduct

This guide highlights the obligations of employers to promote the public sector values to their employees and ensure that any statement of values adopted by their organisation is consistent with the public sector values.

Checklist for Public Sector Employers Supporting the Code of Conduct

This checklist helps employers to plan the types of activities that will support application of the Code of Conduct in their organisation.

Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees Presentation

This presentation guides the audience through each of the values and provides case studies for discussion. The presentation may be delivered to public sector staff with little modification.

View Online Download PPTX 0.57MB

Guidance During Election Periods

This guidance reminds employees of their obligation to remain apolitical and avoid conflicts of interest during an election period. It applies to federal, state and local government elections.

Last issued June 2016. Minor edits made November 2016.

Victorian Public Sector Employees Standing for Election FAQs

This document answers some frequently asked questions Victorian public sector employees (and their managers) may have about standing for pre-selection or election in local government, Victorian state or federal elections.

Guidance for Integrity in Recruitment

This guidance helps employers to understand and manage the risks inherent in the recruitment process.

Guidance for Conducting Police Checks

This guidance helps employers take reasonable steps when conducting national police checks by identifying the major considerations to be taken into account. It balances their obligation to protect an organisation’s reputation, resources and clients, against the applicant’s right to privacy and freedom from discrimination.

Guidance for Integrity in Engaging Contractors

This guidance gives employers tips for preventing, detecting and responding to the risks associated with engaging contractors.

Guidance for Managers Engaging Contractors and Consultants

This guidance is for managers engaging contractors and consultants to perform a public sector function. It explains different employment arrangements and why it’s important for the Code of Conduct to apply to anyone working in government.

Guidance for the Use of Social Media

This guidance clarifies the principles for using social media either at work or privately.

Guidance for Victorian public sector employees – organisation of public ministerial events

This guide assists Victorian public sector employees who are required to organise and facilitate ministerial events.