Public Administration Act 2004
Section 61
Code of Conduct Issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commissioner
I, Belinda Clark, Victorian Public Sector Commissioner, under section 61 of the Public Administration Act 2004 (“the Act”), issue the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees of Special Bodies 2015 (“2015 Code of Conduct”) as attached, in substitution of the Code of Conduct previously issued on 1 July 2007.

I determine that the 2015 Code of Conduct applies to and is binding on all public sector employees of special bodies unless excluded by a specific declaration issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commissioner. An employee of a special body means a public sector employee employed in or by a special body. Special bodies are defined in ss.4 and 6 of the Act.

The 2015 Code of Conduct takes effect on 1 June 2015.

Belinda Clark QSO
Victorian Public Sector Commissioner
1 June 2015