Human Rights

Public officials should respect and promote the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities by:

  • making decisions and providing advice consistent with human rights; and
  • actively implementing,  promoting and supporting human rights.

(Public Administration Act 2004, s. 7)

8.1   Understanding Human Rights

Public sector employees understand human rights as these apply to their work.

8.2   Making Decisions and Providing Advice Consistent with Human Rights

Public sector employees ensure their own decisions, advice and policy development properly considers the human rights set out in the Charter, and respects the human rights of others.

8.3   Implementing Human Rights

Public sector employees deliver services and programs and act in a manner that is consistent with the Charter.

8.4   Protecting Human Rights

Public sector employees seek to protect the human rights of colleagues, other public officials and members of the Victorian community by raising concerns regarding circumstances that could breach those rights, and reporting any suspected breaches in accordance with procedures established by their public sector employer.