The accountabilities are binding under the Instructions supporting the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance 2016.

The minimum accountabilities are minimum requirements. Your organisation may choose to adopt higher standards or processes that take into account your organisation’s role and functions.

This guide assists Victorian public officials (including public sector employees, statutory office holders and directors of public entities) to apply the minimum accountabilities. It outlines key considerations for designing and implementing gifts, benefits and hospitality policies and procedures in Victorian public sector organisations. In particular, such policies and procedures must:

  • apply the minimum accountabilities (or a higher standard); and
  • reinforce the Victorian public sector values of impartiality, integrity and accountability set out in section 7 of the Public Administration Act 2004.

Transparent and accountable practices are vital to maintaining the Victorian community’s trust in the public sector, and its confidence that public resources are being used responsibly and appropriately.

As public officials, our management of any offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality is a practical demonstration of our integrity, impartiality and accountability. It allows the community, business associates and Government to be confident that we make decisions and provide advice free of favouritism, influence and conflicts of interest.