5-year financial summary

Current financial year review and significant changes in financial position

In 2020-21, the Commission is reporting a net deficit from transactions of $2.46 million.

The deficit in net results from transactions is mainly due to the Victorian Leadership Academy, People Matter Survey and Public Entity Executive Classification utilising funds received from prior financial years.

Financial position – balance sheet

The Commission’s net asset base as at 30 June 2021 is $5.74 million. This is a decrease of $2.22 million from 2019-20. The lower net asset base has been primarily driven by the Commission using prior years funds for 2020-21 initiatives.

Significant changes in the financial position and major factors affecting performance

There were no significant changes which affected the Commission’s performance during the reporting period.

Capital projects

During 2020-21 financial year, the Commission completed one capital project: Azure Development and Migration.

Disclosure of grants and transfer payments

The Commission provided a $2,500 grant to the Pride Network.

Subsequent events

There are no subsequent events to report.

Financial performance

Operating position

Net results of output appropriation and does not include trust funds.

Liquidity position


Non-financial performance

Service stream 1

Workforce data collection, workforce climate measurement, workforce insights analysis, development and reporting.


Note: Proportion of employees who undertake the People Matter Survey across all participating agencies

Participation was lower during COVID-19.


Collection of workforce data was impacted by COVID-19. The People Matter Survey was delayed from April to October 2020.

Service stream 2

Workforce programs and employment pathways.


Note: CareersVic customer satisfaction score

The customer satisfaction score for Careers.Vic was lower due to the flow of schools jobs on the platform. Satisfaction was low during peak advertisement periods for schools. Satisfaction was above target during other periods.

Note: Number of engagement and promotion activities undertaken by the Jobs and Skills Exchange

The number of Jobs and Skills Exchange engagement and promotional activities was reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Service stream 3

Development of programs tailored to each band of the Senior Executive Service of the Victorian Public Service.



In 2020-21, the Victorian Leadership Academy offered short-term development activities instead of long-term development programs as in previous years. The lower completion rate is due to Executives having less time available for development activities during COVID-19.

Service stream 4

Victorian executive service reform and public entity executive reforms.



Service stream 5

Issuing, maintaining and promoting Codes of Conduct and Employment Standards