We do this by:

  • developing capabilities
  • enriching culture
  • connecting people.

Developing capabilities

We develop the leadership, management and communication capabilities of our people to enable them to achieve the Commission’s vision and goals.

As part of the Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE) micro-credential pilot program, 30 employees were trained in core public sector skills, including policy, procurement, regulatory services and digital literacy.

In addition, the Commission sponsored 7 VPS5/6 leaders to undertake the 10-week Australian Graduate School of Management micro-credential program – ‘Leading Through Challenging Times’.

An additional 4 employees were also enrolled in the JSE’s TAFE-accredited short course pilot program.

In 2021-22, the Commission added disability awareness training to its suite of new starter induction modules. Other modules in this suite include:

  • human rights and equal employment opportunity
  • LGBTIQ and workplace inclusion
  • professional obligations and respectful behaviours
  • conflict of interest.

Enriching culture

This year the Commission developed its first Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025; our contribution to state-wide equality in workplaces and the Victorian community.

Informed by what our employees told us, the Gender Equality Action Plan sets out what actions we will take over the next 4 years to deliver a gender balanced workforce where women, men, and gender diverse colleagues all thrive.

In the coming years, we will prioritise:

  • equal pay for equal work
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • career support.

Following the launch of our mental health and wellbeing policy in May 2021, the Commission coordinated mental health literacy sessions with a pilot group of employees.

The program will be rolled out across the Commission next financial year.

Connecting people

We promote collaboration and engagement as a natural part of our work to foster responsiveness, high quality and integration.

During COVID-19, we continued to provide technical assistance to support remote work and hybrid teams. This included the implementation of new video conferencing facilities in the office and the introduction of cloud telephony in Microsoft Teams.

When the office reopened, we provided COVIDSafe training that explained the safety measures, systems and procedures in place. This included rules for using shared spaces and collaboration rooms.