To deliver these strategic outcomes, the Commission must itself be an organisation that models the policy, principles and behaviours that it espouses for the sector. 

In this environment of ongoing change, the Commission will continue to evolve its organisation and internal culture to support government priorities, uphold integrity and deliver to the needs of the community it serves. 

Cultivate capability, expertise and whole of government perspective to deliver value where it’s needed most

  • Continue to evolve our organisation and roles to invest where there is the greatest impact, leveraging our role as a central agency.

Collaborate to maximise our impact

  • Maintain and build networks across government at all levels, to compound efforts and provide insight into critical priorities that focus the Commission’s agenda.
  • Leverage the Commission’s relationships to share work existing, underway and planned for whole of government benefit.

Live the values and walk the talk

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of internal policy and processes to role model good practice into the public sector.
  • Embed a focus on culture and performance across the organisation.