This is particularly important in the Victorian public sector which relies heavily on separately incorporated public entities to deliver the bulk of the Victorian Government’s services to citizens.

Victoria has approximately 4,000 public entities, of which around 1,800 employ 222,000 staff. By contrast, the public service employs around 40,000 people in approximately 30 departments, offices and authorities.

Many individuals who commit their time to these public entities as Directors do so on a voluntary basis. Providing support to both paid and unpaid public entity Board Directors is a key role for Victoria Government departments and the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC).

The VPSC is committed to developing a comprehensive, accessible range of governance products for Victorian public sector Directors, departments and staff.

This document provides an overview of Ministerial, Departmental Secretary and Board Chair responsibility and involvement in the recruitment and appointment of public entity Board Directors.

More detailed information on the recruitment and appointment process can be found on Join a public board.

It is acknowledged that not all vacant positions can be filled in exactly the same way. The recruitment and appointment process can depend on the legislative context, the politically sensitive nature of some appointments, the timing of the appointment and other Board specific requirements. Each appointment and recruitment process should be tailored specifically to the requirements of a particular Board and its Directors.