This guide is provided as a guide only and will not be applicable in all circumstances.

Decision making

  • Determine reason for ending employment.
  • Discuss end of employment scenario with the CEO and the Board.
  • Reach a consensus on the proposed decision to end employment.
  • An appropriate person (e.g. a senior manager) is delegated to consult with the affected executive.


The CEO/Board has been consulted with and has agreed to:

  • any minimum process requirements
  • proposed date for termination
  • any redeployment options
  • any outplacement support.

Consultation with executive

  • The executive has been advised of:
  • the intention to end employment
  • the reasons for proposed termination
  • expected formal notification date
  • expected employment end date.

Formal notification

  • Written notice is signed by the CEO.
  • Notice or payment in lieu is provided (if applicable).