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Public Administration Act 2004 An Act to establish values and principles to guide conduct and performance within the public sector; to ensure that employment decisions in the public sector are based on merit; to promote the highest standards of governance in the public sector; and to promote the highest standards of integrity and conduct for persons employed within the public sector. Department of Premier and Cabinet
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 An Act to secure the health, safety and welfare of employees and other persons at work, to ensure that the health and safety of members of the public is not placed at risk by the conduct of employers and self-employed persons, and to provide for the involvement of employees, employers, and organisations representing those persons, in the formulation and implementation of health, safety and welfare standards. Department of Treasury and Finance
Fair Work Act 2009 An Act which provides a balanced framework for cooperative and productive workplace relations in order to promote national economic prosperity and social inclusion for all Australians. Commonwealth Government
Policy on Executive Remuneration for Public Entities in the Broader Public Sector Policy which sets out better practice approaches and approval procedures for the determination of and accountability for executive remuneration in public entities in the Victorian public sector. Victorian Public Sector Commission
Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook Provides details about the government’s executive employment policy for governing bodies, public entities, and current and potential public sector executives. Victorian Public Sector Commission
Grievance and complaint management The VPSC provides a range of resources and services to public sector employees and employers to assist with the resolution of grievances. Victorian Public Sector Commission
Victorian Public Sector Commission register of Review Officers A non-mandatory register established by the VPSC to enable public sector organisations to access independent review officers to conduct workplace grievance reviews and misconduct investigations on their behalf. Victorian Public Sector Commission

People Matter Survey


An annual survey conducted by the VPSC on behalf of Victorian public sector organisations, which gathers information on workforce culture and climate. This includes measures of job satisfaction and the way managers and workgroups operate within participating organisations. The survey assists these organisations to develop a stronger values-based culture. Victorian Public Sector Commission
Organisational dynamics (Organisational design, change, culture; workforce planning and succession risk management) The VPSC undertakes research, provides advice, and develops resources on a range of topics to support organisational leaders, HR staff and mangers to effectively manage complex organisational dynamics Victorian Public Sector Commission
Developing Conflict Resilient Workplaces:
Report and Implementation Guide
The report outlines the opportunities to the Victorian public sector of building conflict resilient workplaces, while the accompanying guide outlines a number of innovations to help senior leaders and organisations respond to, and reduce, internal conflict. Victorian Public Sector Commission