Find out about our annual public sector employee survey

Survey results 2019

This year, 92,215 employees from a record 196 participating organisations gave their feedback about working in the public sector.

The data collected will help organisations inform action plans for positive change across the public sector.

The sector- and service-level results from the 2019 People Matter Survey will be shared in the 2018–2019 State of the Public Sector in Victoria report.

About the survey

The People Matter Survey is for all employees in eligible Victorian public sector organisations. In 2019, this was 92,215 people and 196 organisations.

The survey asks employees how well their organisation, leaders and colleagues practise our shared public sector values and employment principles.

The survey results tell us how employees see their workplaces, including views on:

  • equal employment opportunity
  • discrimination
  • fair and reasonable treatment
  • diversity and inclusion.

The results help organisations understand employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Organisations use the results to work out how to improve the working environment for their employees.

We at the Victorian Public Sector Commission run the People Matter Survey to support the public sector.

The survey results help us plan evidence-based strategies to:

  • promote integrity across the sector
  • run initiatives for building positive workplace cultures
  • assist organisations to be model employers that reflect Victoria’s diversity.

People Matter Survey Reform

We’ve made some changes to the survey from the feedback we’ve got in the past 12 months from across the public sector.

We refreshed the survey so we can be an accountable, engaged and high-performing public sector for Victoria.

In 2019, we’ve:

  • made the survey easier to complete with short and simple questions.
  • explained how we protect your privacy and anonymity with a new Data-Collection Statement
  • created stronger results reports
  • helped organisations with analysis and results-based action planning.

In 2020, we’ll:

  • run the survey in all eligible Victorian public sector organisations, but still have individual employee participation as voluntary.

People Matter Survey Practitioner Network

The People Matter Survey Practitioner Network helps people connect and share best-practices and knowledge about the survey.

The network helps members plan action and drive change based on survey results.

The network is open to people with:

  • direct responsibility for managing the survey in their organisation
  • an interest in organisational development and performance using the survey results.

The network meets about every two months, face to face or as a webinar.

To find out more or join, visit the Innovation Network.

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Here you will find survey news, survey events and survey help for participants and coordinators.

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