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Delay of the 2020 survey

As a result of COVID-19, we have postponed the People Matter Survey for 2020 that was due to commence in May.

The postponement reduces pressure on public sector organisations in this difficult time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and assess new dates in June.

About the survey

The People Matter Survey is the Victorian public sector’s annual employee opinion survey for Victorian public sector organisations.

The survey is run by the Victorian Public Sector Commission to support the public sector

In 2019, the survey captured the views and experiences of 92,215 people from 196 organisations.

The survey helps organisations build positive workplace cultures.

The survey results tell us how employees see their workplaces, including views on:

  • equal employment opportunity
  • discrimination
  • fair and reasonable treatment

The results help organisations understand employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Organisations use the results to work out how to improve the working environment for their employees.

People Matter Survey Reform

We refreshed the survey so we can be an accountable, engaged and high-performing public sector for Victoria.

Yearly participation

From 2020, all organisations must take the survey each year.

By doing the survey each year, organisations can:

  • track progress on key focus areas
  • benchmark their results from year to year
  • build the evidence they need to continually improve

Refined survey questions

We’ve refined the survey and theoretical framework based on analysis and stakeholder feedback.

This work builds on the 2019 survey reforms.

Improved reports

We are improving survey result reports to make them easier for you to understand and act on.

Public transparency

We plan to publish top-level People Matter Survey results for participating organisations later in 2020.

People Matter Survey Practitioner Network

The People Matter Survey Practitioner Network helps people connect and share best-practices and knowledge about the survey.

The network helps members plan action and drive change based on survey results.

The network is open to people with:

  • direct responsibility for managing the survey in their organisation
  • an interest in organisational development and performance using the survey results.

The network meets about every two months, face to face or as a webinar.

To find out more or join, visit the Innovation Network.

Find out more

Here you will find survey news, survey events and survey help for participants and coordinators.

Find out what you need to know to run the People Matter Survey

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