The People Matter Survey is a public sector employee opinion survey run by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

The survey is conducted annually and invites participation from all eligible Victorian public sector organisations. In 2018, it captured the opinions and experiences of approximately 93,700 employees from 184 organisations across Victoria.

The survey invites our people to express their opinions on how our shared public sector values and employment principles are demonstrated in their organisations by colleagues, managers and senior leaders. Survey responses reveal how different groups of employees view important aspects of their workplace, including equal employment opportunity, discrimination, fair and reasonable treatment, and diversity & inclusion climate.

The survey helps public sector organisations better understand employee engagement and job satisfaction and provide the best possible working environments for their employees.

People Matter Survey results play a crucial role in the VPSC’s work in supporting public sector organisations. They form the evidence base for our strategies for promoting integrity across the sector, and our initiatives for building positive workplace cultures and assisting organisations in becoming model employers who reflect the diversity of the Victorian community.

People Matter Survey Reform

From 2019, the VPSC is making some changes to the People Matter Survey in response to feedback received from across the public sector over the past 12 months. We aim to deliver a refreshed survey that meets organisational needs and enables a transparent, accountable, engaged and high-performing public sector that reflects and serves the Victorian community.

The key changes are:

  • The 2019 questions are shorter, stronger and simpler, making the survey more accessible and easier to complete.
  • A new Data-Collection Statement better explains how the VPSC protects your privacy and the anonymity of your survey responses.
  • From 2020, all Victorian public sector organisations will participate in the survey annually (but participation by individual employees remains voluntary).
  • From 2020, all organisation-level results for all public sector organisations will be published on the VPSC website, meaning increased transparency. (For 2019, organisations have the option of making their results public.)
  • From 2019, the VPSC will provide strengthened reporting and assist organisations with analysis and results-based action planning.

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Participation in the People Matter Survey is voluntary, but taking part gives you a voice to help build a better public sector.

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