Key facts

  • $93,360 is the median salary of non-casual public sector employees, including executives
  • $103,463 is the median salary of non-casual Victorian Public Service employees, including executives.

How public sector pay is set

There are over 145 enterprise agreements that cover all non-executive employees in the Victorian public sector.

The agreements set employee pay, terms and conditions. They differ based on industry group, employer and occupation.

Agreements are made under the Commonwealth Fair Work Act.

Executive remuneration is set by the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal. See data, facts and visuals on executive remuneration, pay bands and the gender pay gap.

Median annual salary of non-casual employees by industry group


Distribution of non-casual employees by salary range and industry group


Data set

This data set covers June 2018 to June 2022.

We source this data from our annual workforce and executive data collections that cover over 1,800 Victorian public sector employers.


This file has the following remuneration measures, based on full-time base salaries for non-casual Victorian public sector employees:

  • median base salary and distribution of employees within each salary band by industry, gender and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identity
  • median base salary for each major occupation in public entities by gender
  • mean base salary for each Victorian Public Service classification by gender
  • median base salary for each Victorian Public Service classification by gender.

Download remuneration data set (XLSX, 108kb)