Key facts

Positive views of Victorian public sector employees:

  • 60% of respondents feel their organisation supports them to learn and grow in their careers
  • 84% of respondents feel they understand their role, how their role fits in the organisation and if they’re fulfilling their capacity in their role
  • 88% of respondents feel their work contributions are worthwhile and important
  • 66% of respondents feel satisfied with their job, work-life balance and career development
  • 57% of respondents feel they have an appropriate workload and have enough time to do their job
  • 45% of respondents plan to continue working at their current organisation for 5 years or more.

Learning and development

Good learning and career development can build capability and engagement in organisations. It can also support employee retention and succession planning.


Job enrichment

Job enrichment measures if an employee’s work expectations are being met. It’s an important driver of employee engagement and workplace wellbeing.


Meaningful work

Meaningful work supports employee engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing.

Employees who feel their work is meaningful can help achieve individual, team and organisational outcomes.



Workload and time pressure influence work-related stress the most.


Career intentions

An intention to stay in the organisation or the public sector may indicate satisfaction and engagement.



High satisfaction may lead to improved engagement, wellbeing, performance and lower absences and turnover.


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