Number of survey responses and percentage of total responses by industry

In total, 115,875 Victorian public sector employees voluntarily responded to the People matter survey 2023.

We don’t show the data from 2020 as some organisations couldn’t take part in the 2020 survey as they were responding to the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and floods. Therefore, the 2020 data isn’t a true representation of the public sector.

We reserve the right to change or correct information at any time.

Creative industries, finance, transport and other

  • 8,651 respondents
  • 7% of total respondents.

Police and emergency services

  • 9,304 respondents
  • 8% of total respondents.

Public health care

  • 49,065 respondents
  • 42% of total respondents.

TAFE and other education

  • 6,431 respondents
  • 6% of total respondents.

Water and land management

  • 5,064 respondents
  • 4% of total respondents.

Victorian Public Service

  • 37,360 respondents
  • 32% of total respondents.

Survey response rate by industry, 2019 to 2023