Working arrangements

This chart shows the percentage of respondents who have working arrangements that are:

  • fixed-term
  • ongoing or executive
  • other, which includes temporary, casual and sessional.



Full-time vs part-time

This chart shows if respondents work full-time or part-time.




This chart shows the gross base salary of respondents.

Casual employees were not asked this question.



Length of employment

This chart shows how long respondents have worked for their current employer.



Management responsibilities

This chart shows the management responsibilities of respondents.



Work location

This chart shows respondents’ work locations in the 3 months prior to responding to the survey.

Respondents could choose more than one location.


Primary workplace

This chart shows the respondent’s primary workplace in the 3 months prior to responding to this survey.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many respondents worked from home or other places.