Key facts

Women make up:

  • 45% of all public sector executives
  • 52% of Victorian Public Service executives
  • 47% of public entity executives.

Part-time employment accounts for:

  • 5.1% of all public sector executives
  • 6.5% of Victorian Public Service executives
  • 2.7% of public entity executives.

7.8% of women work part-time compared to 2.4% of men.

Executives who work part-time



Executives by age



Executives who are women


50% target of Victorian Public Service executive appointments to be women

From July 2021 to June 2022, 53% of appointees to Victorian Public Service executive roles were women.

In 2016, the government set a target to have 50% women appointed as Victorian Public Service executives.

‘Appointed’ means:

  • people in an executive role for the first time
  • executives who move to a new executive role in another public service agency
  • executives who move to a higher pay band in the same public service agency.

Read more about these targets in Safe and Strong – A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

Data set

This data set covers June 2018 to June 2022.

We source this data from our annual workforce and executive data collections that cover over 1,800 Victorian public sector employers.

Executive profile

This file has the following executive profile measures for the Victorian public sector:

  • executive headcount by industry, gender, age group and classification band
  • executive median remuneration and headcount for each remuneration cohort, by industry group, gender and classification band.

It also has:

  • total number of executives for each departmental portfolio group by gender
  • total number of Victorian Public Service executives for each Victorian Public Service organisation by gender.

Download executive profile data set (XLSX, 121KB)