Key facts

Workforce figures

  • 354,800 people employed or 290,932 FTE at June 2022
  • 10% of the Victorian labour force
  • 1,854 employers
  • 2.1% (5,995 FTE) rise in total employment between June 2021 and June 2022.

Major changes in employment

Changes in employment are primarily due to:

  • infrastructure projects
  • social policy initiatives
  • the COVID-19 response (fall in fixed-term employees and rise in areas with ongoing demand).

Ongoing employment rose by 1.8% (3,947 FTE) representing 66% of the total rise in public sector employment.

Casual employment rose by 18.4% (1,529 FTE) representing 25% of the total rise in public sector employment.

Fixed-term employment rose by 0.9% (519 FTE) representing the remaining 9%.

Rises in employment

  • 4.8% rise (4,675 FTE) in public healthcare
  • 7.0% rise (980 FTE) in creative industries, finance, transport and other
  • 11.2% rise (867 FTE) in Ambulance Victoria, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority and protective services officers
  • 78.3% rise (1,249 FTE) in school council employees due to schools reopening after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Falls in employment

  • 3.8% fall (2,096 FTE) in the Victorian Public Service
  • 6.2% fall (492 FTE) in TAFE and other education
  • 2.5% fall (420 FTE) in sworn police officers.

Number of employees

The chart below shows the number of employees by headcount and full-time equivalent. You can use the filters at the bottom of the chart to see a breakdown by industry and demographic.



Number of employers and employees

Victorian Public Service (16% of public sector employees)

Number of employees in the Victorian Public Service (VPS)
Column one shows the name of the employer type. Column two shows the number of employers in this type. Column three shows the headcount of employees for this year. Column four shows the full-time equivalent number of employees for this year. The final row is a total for this industry.
Responses for Employers Headcount FTE
Departments 9 40,935 38,893
Administrative offices 15 4,055 3,941
Other Victorian Public Service employers including Victoria Police 32 11,349 10,805
Total 56 56,339 53,639

Changes in numbers

There was a net fall of 3.8% or 2,096 FTE

  • Ongoing employment rose 0.5% or 206 FTE
  • Fixed-term employment fell 13.9% or 2,164 FTE, representing the majority of the total Victorian Public Service fall.

This included:

  • 10.4% (616 FTE) rise at the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, excluding the impact of Machinery of Government changes
  • 6.5% (318 FTE) rise at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • 5.8% (203 FTE) rise at Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  • 17.1% (124 FTE) rise at the Department of Treasury and Finance
  • 22.0% (900 FTE) fall at the Department of Health
  • 4.8% (490 FTE) fall at the Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • 7.0% (239 FTE) fall at the Department of Transport.
Impact of COVID-19

The number of fixed-term employees rose in 2020-21 in response to COVID-19. In 2021-22 many COVID-19 programs and initiatives ended resulting in less demand for fixed-term employees.

Fixed-term employees fell at:

  • COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria from 3,062 FTE to 427 FTE
  • the Department of Health from 2,093 FTE to 1,368 FTE
  • the Department of Justice and Community Safety from 1,267 FTE to 1,181 FTE.

Public entities by all industry groups (84% of public sector employees)

Public entities include all other public sector bodies outside the Victorian Public Service.

They generally:

  • have different degrees of autonomy
  • are governed by a board
  • have authority to employ their own staff.

We’ve adjusted the total count of employers (1,854) to not double count 10 organisations that have both Victorian Public Service and non-Victorian Public Service employees.



Employee numbers over time







Notes on time-series data

Due to the transfer of direct care staff from the Department of Health and Human Services to national Disability Insurance Scheme providers, there was a fall of:

  • 2,887 employees or 2,306 FTE as at June 2019 compared to June 2018
  • 2,518 employees or 1,980 FTE as at June 2020 compared to June 2019.

At June 2019, 2,709 employees or 2,628 FTE had transferred from the public entities of VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria to the Victorian Public Service’s Department of Transport and Major Transport Infrastructure Authority.


Data set

This data set covers June 2018 to June 2022.

We source this data from our annual workforce and executive data collections that cover over 1,800 Victorian public sector employers.

Employee numbers over time

This file has Victorian public sector employment numbers, by:

  • headcount and FTE
  • industry group, gender and Aboriginal identity
  • Victorian Public Service grade and occupation-specific classifications.

Download employment numbers over time data set (XLSX, 138kb)