1.1 Purpose

The Victorian Public Service (VPS) executive performance management framework provides foundation principles that shape and drive executive performance and behaviours. The framework:
  • supports organisations to clearly link executive work to overarching strategic goals;
  • provides a means by which individual executive career development can be of focus in order to foster future talent;
  • links the performance objectives of executives with organisational and government priorities in a meaningful way; and
  • provides a means by which individual executive performance expectations can be assessed and recognised.

1.2 Scope and design

The performance management framework applies to all executives within the VPS. VPS departments and connected service entities are to apply the foundational principles to underpin high performance within the VPS. This framework is designed to encourage a consistent application of performance management within the workplace, where outcomes and expectations align with organisational and government priorities, public sector values and leadership capabilities.

The framework has inherent flexibility to enable organisations to adapt as required to their operational requirements and existing systems.

The design of the framework was informed by expert research, frameworks applied across other jurisdictions (private and public, nationally and internationally), and broad consultation.

An overview of the process is depicted in Figure 1, noting that the process is interconnected with foundation principles and roles and responsibilities.

1.3 Performance management foundation principles

Research and practice indicate that executives are more likely to be high performing in workplaces that exhibit strong organisational principles and that place a focus on how progress is being made towards the achievement of objectives.

The setting of foundation principles enables a minimum standard of expected behaviours of executives to be achieved.

The performance management foundation principles has been developed with the purpose of supporting high performance while fostering a positive workplace culture. The foundation principles are:

Clear performance expectations

Strategic alignment to outcomes through specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART) goals.

Focus on outcomes

Achieving organisational and government priorities.

Focus on leadership behaviours

Effective leadership behaviours, underpinned by the VPS Leadership Capability Framework.

Promote and apply public sector values

Demonstrating commitment.

Evidence based decision making

Reward, recognition and re-appointment are driven by data.

Equity through consistency

Performance goals informed by work level standards and measured by a common rating scale.

1.4 Integrating the principles with culture

VPS employers may expand on the above six principles to adapt the framework to their operating environment, where the principles are integrated with culture to foster:

A shared objective of high performance

Setting clear performance expectations through alignment with organisational and government priorities, organisational strategy and work level standards. Aspiring to higher levels of performance and evaluating outcomes through a consistent approach.

Ongoing, regular feedback and discussion

Maximise the impact of regular performance conversations through maintaining awareness of how and when to shift between different purposes which include: performance; development; and career management.

Ethics and trust

Executives hold themselves accountable by role-modelling leadership behaviours underpinned by the VPS leadership capability framework and by demonstrating commitment to Victorian public sector values.

Organisations that apply these foundation principles will foster high performing
executives who:

  • focus on outcomes and performance expectations that reflect desirable leadership behaviours;
  • deliver outcomes aligned to performance expectations;
  • demonstrate public sector leadership capabilities;
  • role model public sector values;
  • engage in regular performance discussions and achieve performance expectations; and
  • participate in a fair and consistent process, as both a manager and employee.