The Victorian public sector has undertaken work in the past to increase representation of Aboriginal people in the sector. While some improvements have been made, further work and innovation is required to continue to improve not only representation, but also the quality of the workplace and career experiences of current and future Aboriginal staff.

The Victorian Government is working in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal community towards self-determination. This agenda will be supported by strengthening the Aboriginal leadership pipeline and providing more access to timely development opportunities and support. This Strategy recognises the need to build the cultural capability of the public sector so that it can more effectively support the government’s work in this area.

Barring Djinang has adopted an Aboriginal employment target of 2% for the Victorian Public Service. No target has been set for the broader public sector.

VPSC has a role to play in outlining a set of strategic objectives that will work to collectively have a positive impact on the workplace. For the public sector this means an ongoing commitment to meaningful careers for current and future Aboriginal staff.

Throughout this document, the term Aboriginal is used to refer to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

BARRING DJINANG | A Taungurung phrase meaning ‘Pathway of the feet’