The Aboriginal pathway uses the same guiding principles and practices and operates simultaneously with all key application stages of the Victorian Government graduate program.

The hallmarks of the Aboriginal pathway are cultural sensitivity, pastoral care and strong networking. Graduates entering the Victorian Public Service (VPS) via the program and the Aboriginal pathway are recruited to an ongoing role in the VPS.

The Aboriginal pathway is part of the Victorian Government’s broader agenda on Aboriginal affairs. This includes a commitment to increase workforce participation by Aboriginal people in the public service. To learn more, contact the Aboriginal Employment Unit.

The Victorian Government graduate program

The program is a year-long opportunity to experience public service, grow potential and gain new skills.

It includes 3 rotations in different departments, contributing to important work and making connections across government.

Our structured education activities ensure constant learning and professional development. We also provide plenty of informal opportunities to network and make friends.

Best of all, there’s a permanent job for all our graduates at the end of the program.

Learning and Development

In addition to the standard learning and development provided for all graduate program participants, pathway graduates also participate in some Indigenous specific initiatives. Workshops to strengthen cultural identity and develop future career plans are typical examples. All pathway graduates attend cultural awareness training along with their peers.

Mentoring and Networking

As well as participating in the Executive Mentor program available to all graduates, Aboriginal pathway graduates are offered the opportunity to have an Aboriginal mentor. This arrangement is provided through an external body, the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA). It is free of charge and starts early in the graduate’s year.

Networking is an important ongoing feature of the Aboriginal pathway. A number of social events are held during the year, as well as other ad-hoc gatherings. More formal conversations take place quarterly with the Aboriginal pathway manager.

The VPSC has established a Victorian Government Aboriginal Graduate Network which is strong and inclusive and welcomes all new Aboriginal graduates.

Pastoral Care and Professional Support

Pastoral care and professional support are core features of the Aboriginal pathway. The pathway manager remains in contact with the graduates throughout the year and beyond. The main purpose of the role of the pathway manager is to act as a support to Aboriginal graduates.

The pathway graduates, current and past, also offer a huge support base. All pathway graduates are strongly encouraged to participate in networking and Alumni events.