Although there are around 1800 separate organisations in the public sector, each should have their own Disability Action Plan.

Victorian Public Sector employers are required to have a DAP, and these can be published on their website for transparency and accountability.

If you are an existing or potential employee, you can read a DAP to confirm an organisation’s level of commitment to access and inclusion.

A Disability Action Plan might include things like:

  • physical access to buildings
  • accessible websites and documents
  • workplace adjustments
  • policies, programs and disabilities confident culture
  • communications
  • goals and targets
  • evaluation and implementation

Legislative requirement

Public sector organisations are obligated by law to create a Disability Action Plan. The Victorian Disability Act 2006 under Section 38 requires plans for the purpose of:

  1. reducing barriers to persons with a disability accessing goods, services and facilities;
  2. reducing barriers to persons with a disability obtaining and maintaining employment
  3. promoting inclusion and participation in the community of persons with a disability
  4. achieving tangible changes in attitudes and practices which discriminate against persons with a disability.

DAP Reporting obligations

Annual reporting

Victorian public sector bodies must report on disability action plans in their annual reports, providing evidence of activity and outcomes.

View current VPS Annual reports

Promotes transparency and accountability. View Annual Plans from:

Australian Human Rights Commission

Disability Action Plans can be lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Need help?

For guidance on preparing a disability action plan and annual reporting requirements, please contact us by email: or phone: (03) 9651 1321