[Title] Getting to work

Here is a transcript with video description of the Getting to Work animation.

[Animation title: “Getting to Work”]

[Animation produced by the Victorian Public Sector Commission]

[Animation style: This animation uses illustrated characters to represent people with and without disabilities from different ethnic backgrounds and job types within the Victorian public sector.]

[Animation opening scene: A series of six characters from diverse cultural backgrounds and job types appear over the background of an outline of the map of Victoria, Australia.]

Victoria’s public sector is vibrant and diverse. It provides opportunities to do meaningful and interesting work for Victoria.

[Animation: An outline of a map of Victoria appears. The map is filled with small characters, all except nine of which fade away to represent the 9 per cent of the Victorian workforce that has identified as having disability. Six of the nine characters then fade away to represent that only 3.6% of people employed in the Victorian Public Service has a disability. These statistics are also displayed on the animation in text.]

However, people with disability are under-represented in our workplaces.

[Animation: An adult medical worker with a walking stick is standing facing a glass panel, which represents invisible barriers to people with disability.]

This is because people with disability face real barriers to securing and maintaining successful careers.

[Animation: On the opposite side to the glass panel, speech bubbles appear with the words ‘Will I have to sit with them?’, ‘I’m too embarrassed to ask’, ‘Can they do the job?’, ‘They’ll take lots of sick leave’ and ‘Will there be added costs?’.]

Some barriers are physical, and others are attitudinal such as unconscious bias and low expectations.

[Animation: A hand holding a CV with another hand holding a magnifying glass moves across the CV. An exclamation mark to signify ‘alert’ flashes next to the CV.]

Incorrect assumptions can be harmful and limit career opportunities.

[Animation: A scientist with a cochlear hearing implant is on the left of the screen. An office worker in a wheelchair is on the right of the screen.]

We must do more to be a fair and inclusive employer.

[Animation: A teacher pointing to a white board is on the left of the screen. A hospital worker with a walking stick is on the right of the screen.]

People with disability bring skills and expertise.

[Animation: A thought bubble appears from a small boy with a walking stick. In the thought bubble is his future self as an adult hospital worker.]

They have career ambitions– in all roles and at all levels across our sector.

[Animation: A hand holds an illustration of the cover of the Getting to work disability employment action plan.]

The Getting to work disability employment action plan is our way forward.

[Animation: Five characters lift and hold up a glass panel that represents invisible barriers for people with disability. The five characters then working together to throw the glass panel out of the visible area of the animation symbolising the removal of barriers.]

It puts the responsibility on all of us to remove barriers, rather than focussing on what a person with disability can or can’t do.

[Animation: On the left of the screen, a character with a prosthetic arm, telephone headset, at a desk working on a computer and an assistance dog is resting on the ground next to him. On the right of the screen, a female character is presenting a paper to a boardroom meeting.]

It sets targets for fairer representation in our workplaces, so that our sector better reflects our community.

[Animation: A diverse range of 11 characters appear.]

It’s up to all of us to reduce barriers, especially the less obvious ones. By each playing our role, we can recruit more people with disability into public sector careers and we will meet the employment targets in Getting to Work.

To learn more about what you can do, visit vpsc.vic.gov.au/gettingtowork

[Animation: The Victorian Public Sector Commission logo and the State Government Victoria logo.]

[End of transcript]