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This plan sets out short-term and long-term actions to improve inclusion and participation for people with disability across the Victorian economy. There are also actions employers can take today to build more inclusive workplaces.

  1. Making an adjustment can make all the difference. Ask people what support they need, and work with them to make it happen.
  2. Consider whether your job application processes give people with disability a fair opportunity to demonstrate they are the best person for the job. Use inclusive, non-discriminatory language in all communications (Victorian Public Sector Commission 2016).
  3. Be clear, specific and public about your commitment, such as through a statement on your website about your organisation’s commitment to employing people with disability (see the Resources section for details).
  4. Offer flexibility in the assessment process and consider transferable skills the candidate may have acquired from non-traditional work or personal experience.
  5. Offer work experience opportunities to assess people’s suitability for ongoing employment in a real work environment.
  6. Don’t forget about career progression. Look at how staff are selected for training opportunities and ensure staff with disability are eligible, notified and nominated.
  7. Ensure recruitment companies know you are willing to consider candidates with disability. This will give you access to the full talent pool and make sure strong candidates are not being screened out.
  8. Ask for assistance when required. A range of services and funding is available to support the sustainable employment of people with disability (see the Resources section for details).
  9. Develop a good working relationship with your employee’s Disability Employment Service or Jobs Victoria partner if one has been involved in the placement. They can help you with any disability-related issues and potential barriers that could hinder satisfactory work performance and job retention in the longer term.
  10. Consider your procurement needs and how you might help generate employment opportunities for people with disability through your purchasing decisions.

This information is based on an analysis of existing good practice and material drawn from JobAccess (2012). See the Resources section for details.



JobAccess is a free one-stop shop for advice and support on workplace adjustments and employment for people with disability. It also offers expert advice on managing mental health in the workplace and can connect employers and people with disability to their local Disability Employment Service.

Employment Assistance Fund

The Commonwealth Government’s Employment Assistance Fund helps employers and people with disability achieve accessible workplaces through financial help for suitable equipment and workplace adjustments.

Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance

The alliance is a national approach by business, community and government to encourage Australian workplaces to become mentally healthy. It has partnered with beyondblue on the rollout of the national Heads Up campaign to create mentally healthy workplaces.

Australian Network on Disability

The network is an employer-driven organisation with the specific purpose of advancing the equitable inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business. It is not-for-profit and has scores of Australian businesses, government departments and community-based organisations as members.

Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing web and digital accessibility for people with disability by providing information and specialist expertise.

Jobs Victoria

The State Government allocated $53 million to establish Jobs Victoria in May 2016. It delivers programs for people looking for work and for employers looking for workers.

Disability Leadership Institute

This institute offers coaching, mentoring, training and connection to opportunities, including communities of practice, leadership development, and a range of resources