On 1 January 2020, new legislation came into effect that changes Victoria’s integrity system.

The changes support people who disclose improper or corrupt conduct and help agencies that investigate disclosures.

Under the new legislation:

  • a ‘protected disclosure’ is now called a ‘public interest disclosure’
  • there is a lower threshold for making a public interest disclosure to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)
  • there is an expanded definition of ‘improper conduct’

There is also a new ‘no wrong door’ principle.

This principle means if a person discloses to the wrong entity, that entity can send it to the right entity and the person won’t lose their protection, so long as:

  • it’s an entity that can receive disclosures and
  • the person believes the entity they disclosed to was the right one

How to find out more

Visit IBAC’s website for more information about these changes or how to make a disclosure.