We have recently issued an updated gifts, benefits and hospitality policy guide for the public sector.

The guide includes updates to minimum accountabilities for gifts, benefits and hospitality and a new model policy to support this.

This is the first major update to the minimum accountabilities and model policy since 2016 and it is designed to set out clear and easy to follow obligations for public sector employees and organisations.

It is essential that each public sector employee understands that there are very strict requirements around the circumstances in which a gift, benefit or hospitality can be accepted and that they should not be solicited in any way.

The updates also make clear that public sector organisations should adopt a ‘thanks is enough’ approach to dealing with any offers while maintaining detailed and transparent records of the circumstances where an offer is accepted.

The updates to both the policy and minimum accountabilities include clearer definitions, provide practical examples and reflect changes to the way that suppliers, stakeholders and other parties make offers and seek to influence the public sector.

The minimum accountabilities are binding on Accountable Officers under the Financial Management Act 1994, who must ensure that their agency develops policies and procedures that apply the minimum accountabilities.

The model policy can be adapted to meet local needs, providing there is compliance with the minimum accountabilities.

We are committed to driving best practice in respect of the treatment of gifts, benefits and hospitality across the Victorian public sector.

Ensuring that gifts are not offered, solicited or accepted inappropriately is essential in upholding trust in the public sector.

Access the updated policy and minimum accountabilities.