The structure is used by the ABS to produce labour market statistics by occupation.

Recording staff against an ANZSCO classification identifies the occupation mix of the workforce and allows for comparison against the Victorian labour force.

These ANZSCO Coding guides provide a refined listing of ANZSCO classifications and codes for:

  • roles related to the relevant industry
  • roles common to public sector agencies
  • management level roles
  • information technology occupations
  • Users should refer to the guide relevant to their industry


Alpine Resorts- ANZSCO advice

Arts and Facilities- ANZSCO advice

ANZSCO advice – Cemeteries- ANZSCO advice

Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs)- ANZSCO advice

Finance and Insurance- ANZSCO advice

Other health organisations- ANZSCO advice

Planning and Land Management- ANZSCO advice

Police and Emergency Services- ANZSCO advice

Regulators and other- ANZSCO advice

Sport and Recreation- ANZSCO advice


Transport- ANZSCO advice

Victorian Public Service- ANZSCO advice

Water Corporations- ANZSCO advice