How to promote your survey

Use this guide to help your organisation get the most out of the People matter survey.

The promotional resources and tips we’ve provided can be personalised to suit your organisation.

Promoting the survey tells employees that their voice matters and that your organisation is committed to workplace improvement.

It fosters strong engagement, as it encourages your employees to participate, giving you richer data and insights to develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

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Promotional resources

The resources are available for organisations doing the survey in the October period.

Your responsibility using these resources

By downloading these resources, you accept all responsibility to:

  • use them to promote the People matter survey to your organisation
  • not reproduce or use these images without permission for other purposes.

Suggested key messages

Key pieces of information about the 2024 survey experience.

Suggested key messages (DOCX, 5 pages)

Email templates

Email templates you can use for the survey to promote, invite and remind people.

Sample invitation and reminder email (DOCX, 134KB)

News article

A news article you can tailor for your intranet when you promote the People matter survey 2024.

Sample news article (DOCX, 134KB)

Speaking notes

Notes you can tailor for your senior leaders when they’re speaking about the People matter survey.

Speaking notes (DOCX, 134KB)


A slide deck you can use to explain the People matter survey to your staff.

Survey overview presentation (PPTX, 2.3 MB)


Set of 13 posters you can use to promote your survey.

Posters - all other organisations (PDF, 23.2 MB)

Posters - health organisations (PDF, 7.01 MB)

Customisable design files

A set of design files you can customise to promote your survey, with instructions for fonts and placement of images or QR codes. The file format is Adobe InDesign. Avoid using QR codes on material such as posters or splash screens placed in public areas.

Design files (ZIP, 27.4MB)

Email signature banners

A set of 13 email signature banners you can use to promote your survey.

Signature banners – all other organisations (ZIP, 606KB)

Signature banners – health sector organisations (ZIP, 341KB)

Virtual meeting backgrounds

A set of 2 Teams virtual background templates you can use to promote your survey.

Virtual meeting backgrounds – Teams (ZIP, 304KB)

Promotional images

A set of 13 promotional images you can use to promote your survey.

Promotional images – all other organisations (ZIP, 1.68MB)

Promotional images – health sector organisations (ZIP, 945KB)

Campaign plan

A campaign plan you can tailor for your internal approach to promote the People matter survey 2024.

Internal promotional campaign plan (DOCX, 155KB)