The reports cover:

  • Staffing and cost structure
  • Leave management indicators
  • Demographic and renewal indicators

These reports are provided to the organisation Head[1] and Human Resource Director of each public service employer.

The underlying data is provided by public service employers to the Victorian Public Sector Commission in July of each year in the annual workforce data collection. The provided data is for employment details as at the last full pay period in June of the report year.

The aim of the reports is to assist organisations in the development and management of their workforce and to highlight any risks and issues.

When considering the reports we recommend that management teams investigate internal HR data to identify factors that may be influencing the provided measures.  Results may be influenced by a range of factors – such as core business functions, operating environment, strategic goals, culture and funding.

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  1. An organisation Head can include the Head/Chief Executive Officer of authorities and offices and Secretaries of Departments.