The federal election will take place on Saturday 21 May 2022.

With both a federal and Victorian state election in 2022, it is timely for Victorian public sector employees to renew their understanding of their obligations at election time.

Public servants must apply the code of conduct and remain impartial, apolitical and professional at all times, but this requirement is brought into sharper focus in the period leading up to and during local, state and federal election campaigns.

It is critical that the Victorian public sector maintains the confidence of the Government, members of Parliament and the wider community.

Public servants who are members of a political party or engage in political activities of any kind must avoid actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest with their public sector employment.

During election times there is a heightened potential for public sector employees to inadvertently breach their obligations under the code due to the possible intersection of professional responsibilities with private beliefs and activities.

That’s why the Victorian Public Sector Commission has published two guides to support public sector employees understand and meet their obligations, while participating in our democracy. These guides apply to local, state and federal elections.

The Guide for Victorian public sector employees during election periods outlines for employees and contractors what their obligations are in the lead-up to, and during elections.

The Manager’s guide for working with public sector employees involved in election activities assists people leaders to manage the risks associated with their employees who are, or plan to be, engaged in election activities.

Read the guide for employees during election periods and accompanying guide for managers.