The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) provides advice and support to executives in the public service and public sector.

The resources, tools and information available from the VPSC give executives contemporary insights into strategic and operational practices to run a meaningful, proactive organisation.

This includes ways in which to:

  • design your part of the organisation
  • assess and build a productive culture
  • create and support organisational change
  • manage workforce and succession risks.

Part of the executive role is to nurture and support staff to further develop their skills and capabilities, and ensure they are accountable while adhering to the codes of conduct and standards.

There is a range of resources you can provide to your line managers to help them:

  • design jobs and select staff
  • manage staff, especially the challenging aspects of this work
  • develop their own management capabilities.

Executive roles are important positions within public sector and public service entities. By providing the tools and frameworks to assist with the role, the VPSC aims to build the knowledge and expertise of Victoria’s executive workforce.