Advice for executives in the Victorian Public Service and sector

We give advice and support to executives in the public service and public sector.

Victorian Public Service executives

If you’re a Victorian Public Service executive, access the executive:

  • handbook
  • classification framework
  • performance measures framework
  • employment contract
  • vehicle package calculators

See executive employment resources

Jobs and Skills Exchange

We also recommend you visit the Victorian Public Service’s Jobs and Skills Exchange for information on how their policies affect your staff.

You may need to be on the Victorian Government network to access parts of the site.

Go to the Jobs and Skills Exchange

Executive wellbeing support

Access a range of information on self-care and wellbeing.

You need to sign up to the Innovation Network to access this.

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Victorian public entity executives

If you’re a Victorian public entity executive, access the public entity executive:

  • handbook
  • standard contract
  • vehicle package calculator
  • approved vehicle list
  • industry segment review

See public entity executive resources

Remuneration advice for all executives

Get advice on executive remuneration from the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

Resources for your staff

Nurture and support your staff to develop their skills and capabilities.

This helps them be accountable and comply with the codes of conduct and standards.

If you’re an executive, use our resources, tools and information to:

  • assess and build a productive culture
  • create and support organisational change
  • design jobs and select staff
  • design your part of the organisation
  • develop your staff’s management capabilities
  • manage workforce and succession risks

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Executive workforce reform

We’re reforming the executive service in the public sector.

Reforms will:

  • make employment and remuneration for all public entities clearer, more effective, more efficient and transparent
  • help public sector employers attract, retain and develop senior leaders
  • make it easier to compare executive performance across agencies
  • help Victoria get value from executive remuneration

We gave the Premier a review of Victoria’s Executive Officer employment and remuneration framework in July 2016.

In December 2016, the Premier directed us to implement a set of recommendations and expand our review to the broader public sector.

This review had 3 streams:

  1. review executive employment across the broader public sector
  2. a new approach to executive classification within the public service
  3. an executive performance management framework within the public service.

For further information about the Executive Workforce Reform program, please contact us.