The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) supports managers with information, tools and resources on a range of topics.

The aim is to give managers what they need to successfully assess, implement and manage the tasks required of them and their team. The emphasis is on practical advice, such as how to:

  • design jobs and select staff
  • support and manage staff (especially the challenging aspects of this work, such as dealing with conflict or managing a dispersed team)
  • build your own skills and abilities as a manager.

Managers can also access information to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the Victorian Government, such as:

  • whole-of-government development opportunities
  • the roles of organisational heads and boards
  • current thinking about organisational design, culture and change.

The role of a manager in the Victorian public sector and public service is wide and varied. It encompasses many different tasks and responsibilities depending on the type and size of the organisation.

By drawing on the resources available from the VPSC, managers can use the information to help them perform their job better.