Provide the code for the highest AQF level qualification held (Highest AQF level qualification that the institution recognises as matching the requirements of 2015 MEA Schedule 3 (which is the 2009 MBA), Schedule 5 Clause 5).


Highest teaching qualification held

A Unknown
B Certificate level AQF levels 2 or 3
C Certificate 4 (not AQTF Compliant)
D Certificate 4 (AQTF Compliant)
E Diploma level (=AQF 5)
F Degree level (=AQF 6)
G Higher level (eg Grad Dip, Masters, Doctorate)

Where a teacher has both a Diploma of VET Practice and a Bachelor of Education (without a supervised practicum, which is not deemed to be an approved course of teacher training) the Diploma of VET Practice should be reported in the data as the highest teaching qualification for this purpose.

Further, where a teacher holds both an AQF level 4 and an AQF level 5 teaching/training qualification the highest qualification should be reported.

The “subsidiary” part of the qualification name should be ignored, e.g. both Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Education (Technical) should be reported as B. Ed (reporting code F).