This document is part of the 2020 People Matter Survey Wellbeing Check resource.

Step 1

Wait for the head of your organisation or HR director to nominate you as the survey coordinator.

Once they have nominated you, ORIMA will send an email with your username and password.

Step 2

Go to ORIMA’s Portal.

Log in with your username and password.

Step 3

In your portal, you can see your organisation’s survey:

  • participation preferences
  • links
  • response rates

Step 1

Download the template from People Matter Survey resources.

Step 2

Fill it out using the instructions in the template.

Step 3

By 28 August 2020, send your filled-out template to

In 2020, you will be provided with a generic link to use in your survey invites and reminders.

A generic link means anyone with the link can do the survey. Support all your staff to fill out the survey, as a higher response rate gives you more accurate results.

It’s a good idea to come up with a communications plan to maximise your response rate.

Go to the People Matter Survey resource page to find:

  • a campaign guide on how to promote the survey
  • email templates for drafting invitations and reminders
  • poster templates you can customise for use in your organisation
  • frequently asked questions about the survey

You can track your response rate in your survey portal.

In the survey portal, you’ll see your organisation’s:

  • total response rate, based on the headcount you gave us on your participation form
  • response numbers for employee groups, based on the organisation composition questions template

If you know the total number of staff within each employee group, you can work out each group’s response rate. We don’t provide this in the survey portal.

Work group response rates

We can’t give you response rates by work group, as we don’t hold work group headcounts.

Low response rates

We won’t give you a report on your organisation’s results if you have fewer than 10% and/or fewer than 10 responses.

Try and get a response rate of more than 30% in each employee group, so your results are reliable.

We also won’t send you a report for employee groups that have fewer than 10 responses. This is to protect the anonymity of your staff.