What this is

Diverse teams

How a person identifies impacts on their wellbeing and professional satisfaction.

A diverse team means creating a balance of different types of people to make up your team.

Our role is to serve the Victorian community. So, it’s important your team reflects the community we serve.

Diversity includes but is not limited to:

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex people and queer or questioning people
  • People with caring responsibilities
  • People with disability

Inclusive teams

You need to be inclusive.

Being inclusive means being aware and celebrating the diversity of your team members.

By being aware of the diverse needs of your staff, you can put this into action.

Some things you can do are:

  • make reasonable adjustments to work arrangements, consistent with a team member’s needs
  • work out flexible hours for staff with caring responsibilities

Why you need to focus on this

A workplace free from discrimination is required by the law.

A diverse and inclusive workplace may:

  • boost collaboration and innovation
  • give you a range of perspectives when it comes to problem solving
  • make staff happier

What happens if you don’t focus on this

As a people manager, you can be held accountable if discrimination happens in your team.

It’s also all our responsibility to uphold the 7 public sector values and comply with the code of conduct.

If you don’t embrace diversity and inclusion, you’ll affect your team’s wellbeing and your organisation’s reputation.

Plus, it’s your legal responsibility to have a workplace free from discrimination.

Tips to help

Do your research and never think you’re an expert on someone’s identity.

Get training on types of diversity, such as LGBTIQ, disability, Aboriginal culture and so on.

Be aware of cultural and other differences and how these may impact how a person behaves.

If in doubt, ask your staff members what they need from you to support their diverse needs. Or seek support from HR.