What this is

Connected and engaged teams know how their work connects to the organisation.

If your team is connected and engaged, your team will build trust in one another and you.

Trust is about the connections you have with each member of your team and others in the organisation.

Trust comes from feeling respected and cared for by team members, managers and senior leaders in an organisation.

Why you need to focus on this

A connected and engaged team increases the likelihood of your staff feeling:

  • Motivated to do their work
  • Motivated to put extra effort in to do their work, particularly when a deadline is looming
  • Willing to help others in the team, like when there are big workloads or an important deadline
  • Proud of the role they play in your team and the organisation

What happens if you don’t focus on this

A team that feels disconnected and disengaged may:

  • Become unproductive
  • Bring down team morale
  • Call in sick more often
  • Have high turnover
  • Stop participating in team activities

Tips to use

Here’s some things you can do to help build connections in your team:

  • be available to your team when they need you to show you care
  • be open-minded to become connected with everyone in your team
  • be patient as connection builds over many conversations and actions
  • set up a time for your team to talk about non-work things and get to know each other more
  • talk frequently with all members of your team to build and maintain connection