What this is

The culture of your team is how you work, interact and behave with one another.

Your team’s culture is the shared set of values and ways of working each member embraces each day

The culture of every organisation and team starts with the 7 public sector values.

Why you need to focus on this

When your team has good culture, it contributes to positive wellbeing.

If you strive to build a positive team culture, you’ll:

  • attract and keep high-performing staff
  • build morale and rapport
  • create an environment well people can learn from others
  • increase trust within your team
  • make staff feel it’s safe for them to speak openly and honestly
  • make staff feel it’s safe to reach out for help

What happens if you don’t focus on this

Your culture sets out how you expect your team to work.

If you don’t work on team culture, you may:

  • have decreased team productivity
  • lose staff
  • negatively impact team wellbeing

Tips to use

Work with your staff on how they would interpret the 7 public sector values within their team.

Bring your team together as a group to have regular chats and to share information. Hold regular activities to build your team’s culture.

Make sure everyone understands how the work of each person fits within the team and the organisation.

Some simple things you can do to build team culture are:

  • give each team member a chance to showcase their work and give constructive feedback
  • change up the type of meetings you have so they’re not always formal
  • embed open and transparent communication as a norm
  • give feedback as a group and not just on an individual level