What this is

As a people manager, you’re responsible for the wellbeing of all your team members.

But you need to think about your own wellbeing as well.

Caring for yourself is about having good physical and mental health to come to work every day.

After all, you’re human too and need to take care of yourself.

Why you need to focus on this

In your role, you may face a lot of challenging situations.

If your physical and mental health is in good shape, you’ll be able to manage these better.

Good mental and physical health means you’ll be more alert, motivated, attentive and resilient. These are all qualities a people manager needs every day.

What happens if you don’t focus on this

If you don’t take the time to look after your own wellbeing, negative consequences will get worse.

This may include things like:

  • high stress
  • irritability
  • illness
  • fatigue

Your team will likely know if you’re not feeling 100% and this may affect their morale or performance too.

Tips to use

As a people manager, never forget that you’re allowed to ask for help too!

Speak with your own manager or HR if you need support.

Try to:

  • get help from your manager or access your organisation’s employee support program, which may be called EAP
  • identify what has a negative impact on your wellbeing and what you can do to improve it
  • schedule time in your calendar each week to do something that helps your wellbeing
  • speak with another manager about how they support their wellbeing
  • talk with your GP or healthcare provider for help