This activity is great to run a few times a week as a regular part of your team’s ways of working.

The aim of this activity is for people to take time out of their day to reflect on their feelings. They can choose what they want to do with their reflection.

You can even make it part of a daily standup or regular team meeting.

This activity gives people in your team a way to share how they’re feeling and for the rest of the team to show them empathy.

    15 mins
    2 or more
    Safe and empathetic work environments

What you’ll need


If you’re together physically, you’ll need a place to meet.


If your team is working remotely, you’ll need to use a phone or video conferencing tool

How to run the activity

Ask each person in your team to spend 5 minutes thinking about how they’re feeling.

If your team needs a prompt, here are some good questions to get them started:

  • How is work going for you at the moment?
  • Are there any blockers that are impacting your ability to do work?
  • What have you done during the past week that has helped you relax?
  • What is the best thing that has happened to you in the past week?

They can write down their answers, say them out loud or chat about them in the team.

Or, you can encourage your team to chat with you in private to see what you can do to support them.