This activity will help your team set clear boundaries between work and life.

A good work-life balance can help:

  • decrease stress and fatigue
  • increase work satisfaction and performance
    15 mins
    2 or more
    Work-life balance

What you’ll need


If you’re together physically, you’ll need a place to meet.


If your team is working remotely, you’ll need a phone or video conferencing tool.

When you choose a tool, think if anyone in your team has accessibility needs and that they’ll be able to easily use it.

Scheduling the session

This is a good activity to put at the start or end a regular team meeting.

How to run the activity

This a rough schedule of how you can run the session.

The key thing is to set a timer for each section of your session and stick to each time.

When people have a limited time to think, they’ll focus on the things that matter to them the most.

Step 1: rate your work-life balance (5 minutes)

Ask your team to rate their work-life balance on a scale of 1 (not as I want it) to 10 (exactly how I want it).

Ask them to write down what their ‘perfect 10’ work-life balance score looks like by answering these questions:

  • What does your ideal day, week and month look like?
  • What will you have time to do that you currently don’t?
  • What’s most different about your ‘perfect 10’ from the current reality?
  • How will it feel once you have implemented your ‘perfect 10’ work-life balance?

Step 2: write steps to make change (5 minutes)

Ask each person in your team to write down what needs to change between your current work-life balance and your ‘perfect 10’.

Use these questions:

  • What are your priorities?
  • What’s holding you back?

Step 3: write down actions to get there (5 minutes)

Ask each person to write down:

  • one thing they can commit to right now to help them reach their ‘perfect 10’
  • one thing they think will show they’ve achieved their ‘perfect 10’

It’s a great idea for them to place their plan somewhere they’ll see it often so it stays front of mind.