As a manager, you need to think of your team’s wellbeing in the context of the workplace.

This will be a long journey and is not always easy to embed in your team.

But you can make a good start with these 6 wellbeing pillars.

Pillar 1: emotions

Positive emotions can have a big effect on our wellbeing.

When people in your team experience positive emotions, this may help them:

  • Be more resourceful
  • be successful
  • build their creativity
  • make them more resilient

Pillar 2: strengths

Encourage your team to use and develop their strengths in the workplace.

Get them to focus on the things they’re good at and enjoy.

This may help them:

  • be more confident
  • be more engaged
  • have more energy

Pillar 3: connections

Good relationships based on trust are one of the most important things in healthy teams.

When you help your team create genuine connections with each other and their peers, this can:

  • enrich them
  • give them satisfaction
  • lower their stress levels

Pillar 4: context

Help your team understand how their individual or team’s work fits into the bigger picture.

By showing them this, they may:

  • give them satisfaction
  • increase their motivation
  • make them feel more committed
  • see how their work has a positive impact on others

Pillar 5: accomplishments

When you celebrate your team’s wins, you’ll help them feel like what they do at work has value.

They’ll become more determined to do good work and grow their skills.

You may help your team:

  • embrace challenges
  • push through workplace setbacks

Pillar 6: health

To do well in the workplace, your team needs to be physically and mentally healthy.

Everyone’s wellbeing is better when they:

  • eat well
  • get enough sleep
  • move regularly