VPSC advocates for good practice in resolving workplace issues.

Employees should attempt to resolve their workplace issue informally before applying for a review of actions. If the matter remains unresolved, they should follow their employer’s review procedures.

Employees should:

1. Raise their matter with a manager or human resources in the first instance

2. If unresolved, follow their employer’s informal resolution processes

Employer’s review procedures must encourage informal resolution. Employees may seek information on informal resolution processes from their manager, the Review of Actions Registrar or human resources.

3. If unresolved, follow their employer’s review procedures.

Employers must have a written review procedure that complies with the public sector standards (particularly the reasonable avenue of redress standard). The applicable industrial instrument may also contain relevant information.

In a public service body, the review procedure must comply with regulation 6 of the Public Administration (Review of Actions) Regulations 2015.

4. If unresolved, consider raising the matter with an external body:

5. Additionally, employees of public service bodies may request a VPSC review using the application form where:

  • the employee considers the process of the initial review conducted by their employer was unfair or contravened the Act or Regulations
  • the employer refused to conduct an initial review
  • the employee has been harassed or victimised for previously requesting a VPSC review, or
  • the public service body head was the primary decision maker in the matter.

Applying to VPSC for a review of actions

VPS employees considering asking for a VPSC review, should consult the attached application document.  The eligibility and assessment criteria is clearly detailed.

Download the Application to VPSC for a Review of Actions from the Resource Suite